When Jobs Disappear

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I am told that all across Germany are plaques memorializing places where Jews lived, worked, or worshipped before being sent to the ovens. Auschwitz draws thousands annually to try to insure we “never forget.”  German youth face the atrocities of their grandparents, not to foster guilt but to better guard against repeating the horrific sins […]

Blue Ocean Faith

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The most hopeful book I have read in a long while is “Blue Ocean Faith” by Dave Schmelzer. It is fresh air for those tired of today’s self-righteous religion dominated by liberal/conservative antagonisms. And it is as life-giving as the talk my parents gave me at seventeen—that no matter what I encountered in life or […]

Post-Election Fears

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Dear friends, Hundreds of you responded to my post about those frightened by this election. I’m not used to this. Thank you all! Most comments were positive, but several good friends were concerned that I was “catering to a spirit of fear,” that people needed instead to be encouraged to trust more in God. These conservative friends seemed to […]

I Think I Hear God Crying…

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“I am spiritually exhausted. I’ve spent the last 36 hours weeping with those desperately frightened by this election – girls traumatized by fear more boys are emboldened to abuse them, black parents worried their children are more likely to be shot by police, LGBTs who fear open attack on the streets, hardworking Hispanic Christians who fear deportations and family breakups. […]

Book Review – The Hitchhiking Diaries

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Amazon Book Review: “The Hitchhiking Diaries is a richly rewarding adventure into unknown territory~both geographically and spiritually. What sets this true story apart from similar youthful wanderings is that the narrator sets out with a focused purpose in his search. Outwardly his intention is to explore an unknown country and its people. Simultaneously, on a […]