Book Review – The Hitchhiking Diaries

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Amazon Book Review:

“The Hitchhiking Diaries is a richly rewarding adventure into unknown territory~both geographically and spiritually. What sets this true story apart from similar youthful wanderings is that the narrator sets out with a focused purpose in his search. Outwardly his intention is to explore an unknown country and its people. Simultaneously, on a deeper and more personal level, the author seeks to understand a God outside the bounds of organized religion. With a rare gift for distilling meaning from experience, the narrator’s travels involve a parallel journey to discern the role this God plays in the lives of all human beings.

Along the way we encounter vivid scenes and unforgettable characters. With perceptive insight, Dewey is able to describe the political and philosophical atmosphere of the sixties. The opposing ideologies of that time turn out to be as interesting and pertinent today as they were then.

At the heart of the book is a compelling challenge, in the manner of Brother Lawrence, which invites readers to be aware of their own relationship with an invisible companion who loves them unconditionally and will never leave them.”

Susan Luke

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