Roger Claire

Claire and Roger Dewey, November 2013

Roger Dewey is an author, speaker and activist. Born in 1941, he studied architecture at Cornell, and was one of a handful of whites in the Harlem National Guard. He studied City Planning at Harvard. When MLK was assassinated he was asked to become director of an urban effort to assist black students to attend Christian colleges. When those students encountered campus racism, Roger’s community began INSIDE Magazine, the voice of Christians inside the city. For years he spoke in hundreds of churches, colleges and seminaries, with a passion for justice and battling racism in the church. Every prejudice he discovered within himself became a request for spiritual healing. Roger shares today’s general loathing for judgmental religion but encourages us to not conclude that we are alone in a cold universe. The “non-Christian” Jesus, he contends, seeks not to beat us into shape but to be our supportive supernatural companion for life.

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